A “Snoring silencer” for more peaceful nights?



Especially for your partner, more peaceful nights might be coming. A company called ‘Silent Partner’ is to introduce a ‘snoring silencer’. The product is called Smartpatch. It is a lightweight, small wearable device for snoring people to place near their nose when they sleep. Device reduces the snoring noise by creating a “silent zone” around the head of the snoring person wearing it.

Device works pretty much like the noise cancelling headphones. When it senses the snoring noise, it starts emitting a counter noise. Since the snoring and the produced noises cancel out each other, the result is no snoring noise.

The product is said to be undergoing test now and the plan it so start selling it within 2016. Smartpatch is fully financed by crowdfunding. The The USA based Silent Partner has so far raised an impressive 397 thousand US$ so far (and certainly more by the time you are reading this) on the crowdfunding site indiegogo.