Norway man rescued after going down in public toilet

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Norway Man Stuck in Toilet

Someone once said, the best countries to live are those you don’t get much news from. And when you do, they are mostly some strange, obscure news. Norway is certainly one of them!

To retrieve a mobile…

According to the news, a 20 year old Norwegian man, a self confessed “confined spaces hater”, has lowered himself into a public toilet to retrieve a mobile phone and then got stuck there. The man, Cato Berntsen Larsen, according to his own words was “slim enough to get into it, but not so, to get out”.

The public toilet was one with a large tank underneath, rather than with a pipe connecting to sewer system. It was emptied once a year.

First your picture sir!

At the end, the services of the fire department had to be employed to get him out of there and not without breaking the toilet. And before the rescue, the first thing the fire department did was to take Mr Larsen’s photograph while he is hanging on it!

According to the Norwegian news site VG Nyheter reporting the event, Mr Larsen has spent one full hour in the toilet (or rather in the tank of the toilet) with “animals” and feces up to his thighs which he describes as “very unpleasant and disgusting as hell”.

“Very difficult”

While Mr Larsen swears he “will never enter a toilet again”, the municipality of the Drammen, a town close to capital Oslo, stressed that this is the first time it happened since the toilets were installed in 1990s and “normally these toilets are very difficult to fall into”. Not that he fell into…


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