This app tells you who stole your laptop,where he is now and who his friends are




Ever got your mobile phone or laptop stolen? It sucks. But wait, this software from Argentina can help you recover it from the thieves!

You do not have to be a member of USA’s NSA, British GCHQ or German BND to spy on fellow citizens. You can have your own “1984” moment with the app Prey. And unlike those notorious organizations, you will have a far more justified reason: Getting back what belongs to you!

Meet your thief, his/her family & friends…

Prey‘ is a piece of software that you install on your computers and mobile devices. So that, when one of them is stolen, you can track them down to very precise location, activate its microphone and camera remotely or view the user actions on it from away.

Basically you will watch your thief’s house, see his face, listen to his voice, see his Facebook profile while he is busy browsing his Facebook friends or read his emails together with him, as he is doing so on your stolen computer, or mobile device. Not to forget; you will also get his coordinates of whereabouts. All you need to do is, pass this information to the police. So, you will be running your own ‘Big Brother’ show with your thief as the only contestant.

Free for most of us

Prey is a piece of software developed by the Argentinian company Prey Inc. It is free to use up to your 3 devices. If you have more devices to register, or report more than 20 cases, then you need to choose one of the paid plans.

Prey is available for most operating systems: Linux, Windows, OS-X (Apple Mac), iOS (Apple iphones/ipads) and Android.

Forget the thief, your privacy?
And one last question; Prey lets you track your thieves. But it does so by being able to track you in the first place. You see, when there is a “take”, there is also a “give”. Here the “give” part is your privacy. The question is; does Prey use your tracking information for some other purpose? Like marketing or… passing it to “friendly” intelligence services?
Prey Inc is adamant that the sensitive (tracking) data is collected only when you request it. That is, only when you report your device as stolen. And that collected information is only passed to you. To prove that they have no “backdoors” (like Microsoft Windows is rumored to have for NSA) they even let you inspect the source code of their software. Well hats off to that!  But, do not forget: just because you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get you!