Gift idea for your Russian oligarch friend: Icy lake cruising ATV

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According to its manufacturer Sherp, this Russian built ATV can take you to the icy lakes and the swamps without getting you wet. It can take you to the tundras’ most remote corners where no human foot has ever stepped on. It can easily overcome barriers with a height of 70 cm.

Normally speaking, it is not a speed monster with a maximum speed of only 45 km/h, but mind you, this is supersonic when you are traveling in the corners of the earth this vehicle is meant to be used.

It seems like a great toy for Russia’s oligarchs looking for ways of spending their money.

Sherp can provide sitting and sleeping places for 4. It comes -among other more everyday things- also with a tent (soft top), automatic interior heating system (welcome to the 21th century!), seat belts for both the driver and the passenger (!) and even has painted interiors and a handbrake! The standard version with these generous spec will set you back 65000 US$.

But then, when you watch their eye-popping promotion video, you realize that it has all the specs you need for the purpose and at a relatively low price. It is amazing that this ATV does it all with a diesel engine of only 44,3 hp engine!

Russian products may miss the refinement but nevertheless, they definitely get the essentials right to get the job done. Here is one such Russian technological wonder:

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