European Hyperloop Network : Amsterdam – Frankfurt in 50 minutes with 7 stops in between?

    Finally Hyperloop arrives in continental Europe. As a vision at least. The Netherlands-based technology company Hard Hyperloop proposes a hyperloop link between Amsterdam and Frankfurt which would shorten the 450 kilometer journey to a whopping 50 minutes, from … Continued

Research: World War II ‘Hongerwinter’ is engraved into Dutch genes

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  The people who were in utero during the ‘Hongerwinter‘ are likely to suffer consequences during all their lives, says a research paper in Science Advances magazine -published by American Association for the Advancement of Science. ‘Hongerwinter‘ is a Dutch … Continued

The Dutch have penetrated Russia’s Cyber Espionage Unit and turned it into a ‘Big Brother’ house

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    Prominent Dutch newspaper ‘de Volkskrant’ reveals in an article (in Dutch) that the Dutch Intelligence Service AIVD has managed to penetrate into the infamous Russian hacker group ‘Cosy Bear’ as early as the summer of 2014 watching their … Continued

Committing a Genocide and Keeping your Sakharov Prize next to your Nobel Peace Prize

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  Myanmar’s Rohingya population is suffering a genocide. Even the high commissioner for human rights of an ever-diplomatic organization like The United Nations which is not exactly the bastion of human rights with its “lowest common denominator” standards (and that … Continued

Air Pollution responsible for about 467 000 premature deaths in Europe

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  In a stark warning  to EU officials, a new report by European Environment Agency (EEA) says, air pollution has significant impacts on the health of Europeans, especially in urban areas.  According to EEA, air quality slowly improves but air … Continued

Germany wants EU to remove recycling targets, fueling speculations about its motives….

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  European Commission’s Circular Economy Package (CEP) sets the municipal waste recycling targets at 60% by 2025 and 65% by 2030. For packaging waste, a 75% recycling target was set by 2030. These targets launched in December 2015 by Vice … Continued

Europe’s diesel drama: Countries turn a blind eye to protect their car industries, killing tens of thousands of people annually

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  You thought environmental cheater Volkswagen was the worst guy around? It has been around a year since Germany’s Volkswagen got caught cheating about the emissions of its diesel cars. Volkswagen is one of the largest car companies in the … Continued